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1. Pneumatic-hydraulic supercharger cylinder system device is usually flanged fixed output piston downward device. If you need special device, please clarify before ordering, and the manufacturer can consume it according to customer's request.
2. The power source used in the supercharger system is pure compressed air (filtered and dried before accessing), and the pressure is 4-7 kg/cm2, which should not exceed the working pressure range. (Calculating force specification for manufacturers is 6 kg/cm2).
3. Before the product is connected to the gas pipeline, please clean up the dust and other debris in the pipeline and components so as to avoid reducing the service life of the product.
4. Operating temperature is usually 0-60 C. If special workplace is required, please indicate when ordering or if the site temperature changes, seek the corresponding treatment plan from the manufacturer.
5. Pay attention to the working environment, do not place the product in a complex environment such as water vapor weight, excessive or low temperature, chemical corrosion, etc. When using, we should pay attention to checking whether the equipment is normal, daily cleaning and maintenance.
6. Be sure to operate the action procedure according to the procedure, and work according to the action procedure of the gas path assembly drawing, i.e. preloading action-boosting action, boosting and releasing pressure-preloading reset.
7、增压缸系统所运用液压油为ISO VG46#,ISO VG68#抗磨液压油,添加时须留意,切勿更改成别的介质。冰冷的中央倡议运用ISO VG46#抗磨液压油,而在不是那么冷的中央如南方倡议运用ISO VG68#抗磨液压油。
7. The hydraulic oil used in the supercharged cylinder system is ISO VG46 # and ISO VG68 # anti-wear hydraulic oil. Attention should be paid when adding, and no change should be made into other media. The cold central government advocates the use of ISO VG46
8. Pay attention to whether the hydraulic oil can emulsify and metamorphose. Generally, it has been used for more than half a year or over 500000 times. We should change the new hydraulic oil in time to improve the service life of the gas-liquid supercharger cylinder.
9. Pay attention to the height of the oil barrel, when the liquid level exceeds the lower limit, there will be insufficient pressure and lack of travel. At this time, the hydraulic oil should be replenished immediately. When replenishing oil, we should pay attention to: hydraulic oil replenishment can not exceed the upper limit, when the hydraulic oil exceeds the upper limit, it will form the phenomenon of hydraulic oil vomiting. The normal hydraulic oil level is between the upper and lower lines of the storage tank, so it should not be too much or too little.
10. In order to achieve the best air quality, it is advocated to choose automatic drainage three-point group merger and timely refueling, smoothing and drainage disposal. Pay attention to whether the drainage function of the three-point combination is normal or not. If it fails, it will drain regularly or replace new products manually.
11. In order to achieve the best output effect, it is proposed to add a gas storage device between the supercharger cylinder and the three-point separation to ensure that there is enough stable air pressure for the use of the supercharger system.
12. It is proposed to install a backstop pressure regulating valve before the inlet of the boosting section to reduce the output pressure, i.e. to reach the required work output, so as to avoid wasting material too much, reduce the life of the die and save energy.
13. When shutdown is not in operation, the pressure of the machine should be released and the power supply should be cut off to reduce energy consumption and prolong the life of the product.




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